We take leadership very seriously at ARMS and value the important contribution that our leaders provide to people in our communities. Without our leaders, we would not be able to reach thousands of people each year with the healing message of God’s delivery and love.

All our leaders are required to meet the basic requirements listed below:

  • A follower of Jesus Christó „€.
  • In agreement with the ARMS Statement of Faith.
  • In agreement with the ARMS policies & procedures. You will sign this agreement later in this process.
  • Out of abusive relationship at least one yearó „€.
  • One year past divorce date (if applicable).
  • Connected with a church community.
  • Good reading and communication skills.
  • There may be other qualifications based on the program that you want to lead.

More information about the training process to be a Her Journey Leader.

If you are interested in learning more about leading a group for ARMS, please complete the following information:

    (we are on Pacific Standard Time)