Dr. Duy Bui, DC (yes, it sounds like “Dewy Buoy”), went to college to become a computer engineer. His mom cautioned, “computers are known. Play it safe.”

But Dr. Bui wanted a medical major instead. When she suggested pharmaceuticals, he took some classes. And then decided that he didn’t even like pills. In fact, he had experienced his own car accident getting rear-ended in high school and the ER doctor had sent him home with pain pills. He preferred natural remedies.

His path was already set, he just was on a learning curve.

In high school, he could always be counted on to crack backs, relieving people of their aches and pain. He would give big hugs from behind, often resulting in a crack or two, and had no idea that it could actually be not only a paying career but one that helped other people. When he learned, he headed instead to a major closely in line with that at the University of Western State.

His clinic, Renu Chiropractic, has grown so large that he now has 15 employees and 2 locations.

Patients agree that Dr Bui helps them tremendously. “Dr. Bui is absolutely AMAZING!” Taylor W says. “He is NOT your standard Chiropractor. You can tell he is passionate about his profession by the level of care he gives to his patients. He not only helps you figure out what’s wrong, he explains to you what may be causing it!”

Joe L. states, “I have always had a little bit of back pain that came and went. After the birth of my daughter and constantly needing to bend over to change her, the pain was more often and some days, I couldn’t bend over at all. Dr. Bui treated my lower back as well as other areas that he found tightness in and it has been a game-changer…The pain has gone away and I highly recommend them to anyone.”

His desire to have more fun and less stress coincide with his hobbies. He loves cars and before he married his wife Christine and had kids, he trained for Ironman California, requiring 20 hours a week of physical training. Although he didn’t end up competing, staying fit and healthy is still a priority.

While his fun coincides with his hobbies, his faith plays a role in his mission to help others in pain. “There is no shortage of pain and as long as there is, I can’t rest.”

Thank you, Dr. Bui, for sponsoring our Virtual Stomp Out Abuse this year! We appreciate you and the pain relief you provide for us, as well!

To make an appointment to see him, call (503) 642-3018.