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Her Journey is a 15-week faith-based, non-denominational class (loosely based on Psalm 23) designed to meet weekly and assist women in healing from current or past abusive or controlling relationships.

Topics include:


In the first five classes, the effects abuse, denial, boundaries, anger, perfectionism and the need for affection are addressed.


The next five classes focus on issues like depression, renewing the mind, submission vs oppression, loneliness, understanding limits and the importance of where to focus our attention.


In the final classes, topics include choices, self-esteem and finding purpose. Discover what love looks like and how to live victoriously!

Classes are free to attendees (paid for by donations & grants). They are appropriate for women ages 14 and up. You may begin at any time and continue as often as needed.

More information on locations.

The most helpful part of the classes has been realizing that I am not alone. No one else believed me and I am so grateful that these ladies understand. This class is so helpful in truly understanding abuse.  -Ericka

Her Journey was lifesaving for me. Every woman needs this class. It was my start to my new, amazing life and I am grateful. -Lisa P.

I know exactly now how God feels about me. I have so much more joy and confidence. I am the daughter of the most high King! He loves me! He chose me! Abuse was never in His plan for me. -Imani