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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Her Journey Leader. We are truly grateful for Her Journey Leaders. Without their dedication and commitment, Her Journey would not be possible. We are excited that you have an interest in joining our team and look forward to getting to know you better in the weeks ahead.

Before Training Begins:

Step 1:  Complete 15 weeks of the Her Journey lessons as a participant. You can start HJ regardless of what lesson your group is on. You are not required to start your training at the beginning of the 15-week lesson cycle. If you do not have a Her Journey Group in your area, ARMS will require that you take the 15-week class via Zoom on your computer (completed within 8 weeks) and there will be a $50.00 fee for this. Order your Zoom class here. Call us at 503-846-9284 for the Zoom class schedule.

Step 2: Meet the basic requirements listed below:

  • A follower of Jesus Christ󠄀
  • Out of abusive relationship at least one year󠄀
  • One year past divorce date (if applicable)
  • Connected with a church community
  • Good reading and communication skills
  • Verbal Referral from your overseeing Her Journey Leader recommending you enter the Her Journey training process

Step 3: Once we receive a verbal referral from your Her Journey Leader recommending you enter the training process:  

Step 4:  We will email you to set up a phone call to welcome you and go over your application. If you are approved, you will then move onto our online training portal for five weeks of training when the next cycle starts. The cost for this training program and curriculum is $259.00. Purchase your five-week class here. Recertifying each year as a leader will be $50.00. There are additional optional modules on various topics that you can take at any time for $50.00 each module. If you have any questions about these fees, please contact us. Call us at 503-846-9284 for the 5-week class schedule.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive for no additional cost:

*Her Journey leader certificate

*Her Journey leader manual

*10 complete folders for future group attendees

* 10 personality tests for future group attendees

*Ongoing consulting and support from the ARMS office

* 5 complete folders & personality tests each year that you recertify as a leader


Questions? Let us know below!

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