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ARMS is pleased to offer the following classes as part of our programming. Please note that not all classes are available in all areas. Please call our office at 503-846-9284 or 866-262-9284 for locations and more information.


A 15-week faith-based, non-denomiational class designed to meet weekly and assist women in healing from current or past abusive or controlling relationships. Lessons include topics such as Understanding abuse, Boundaries, Depression, Believing in your True Value, Anger, Submission vs Opression and much more. Classes are free to attendees (paid for by donations) and you may begin at any time and continue as often as needed.  More information on locations.


ManKind is a faith-based program committed to helping men who have used abusive and controlling behaviors. Our goals are to help them to be accountable for their behavior, recognize and stop all forms of abuse and control, change belief systems that support those behaviors, understand how they have affected others and learn new non-abusive beliefs and skills to handle conflict. Fees and homework are required. Groups are weekly for an hour and a half. Call 503-846-9284 to set up an intake appointment.


Virtue is a program committed to helping women who have displayed abusive or controlling behaviors, and who may also be victims of abuse. Our goals are to help her recognize domestic abuse, heal from her past abuse, and stop all forms of abusive behaviors she may be exhibiting. New tools for handling conflict resolution and appropriate boundary-setting skills are taught. Intake, fees, homework and regular attendance are required. Call 503-846-9284 to set up an intake appointment.

ManKind & Virtue P.R.A.Y  Log