This weekend we started a new class for Her Journey Leader’s training and received this email afterwards from Dawn.

I just had to send out a note to you to thank you so much for this course,  for the entire ARMs ministry, and for your diligent, dedicated perseverance in God’s work to break the bonds of abuse. As I sat in our class and listened to the teaching, my spirit was shouting YES!! YESS!! and YESS!!  

The materials and teaching ARMS has put together is what I’ve been seeking for years. In my estimation, it’s the most on-target, balanced teaching on marital abuse I’ve found, and I’ve been searching! I can’t wait to complete both sections of training (8-week and 15-week) and bring it to my community.  

Thank you and I am praying many, many more of God’s blessings in abundance for you and this ministry.  

Looking forward to the next lesson!  

~ Dawn