Job Opening: Domestic Violence Intervention Group Facilitator (for a male)

Job Title: Domestic Violence Intervention Group Facilitator (for a male)

Job Description:

  • Facilitate two weekly intervention groups for men who have been abusive to their partners and family.
    • Groups are 1 ½ hour in length and are held in the evening in Portland and Gresham.
    • Groups are lead from a Christian Perspective and meet state requirements for Batterers Intervention.
    • Groups are co-lead by a man and woman
    • Position is part-time
    • Wages paid per group and hourly for administration outside of group (if applicable).

Job Requirements:

  • Strong faith in God and demonstrated healthy relationships
  • Has a heart for those seeing men change.
  • Some knowledge of domestic violence and abuse is preferred.
  • A willingness to learn and grow.

Job Explanation:

  • Domestic violence and abuse is a very specialized field. Leading these groups gives an individual the opportunity to disciple men on how to ‘love their wife (and others) as Christ loves the church,’ to live out their faith in very practical ways. By helping the men, facilitators are providing an opportunity for the cycle of abuse to be broken for the entire family. Most men are referred through the court, others are sent by their wives, pastors or counselors. Many may not be active in their faith but often reconnect with God while with us.


Email for more information and to send resume.

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