Recently ARMS executive director, Stacey Womack, was interviewed on Flying Free with Natalie Hoffman. They discussed how many women are starved for affection and how that can lead to choosing unhealthy relationships or being accepting of abuse in their lives.

“Probably the most common thing we hear from the women going through the program is that they have learned that they are not alone. Secondly, they now believe that God loves them and values them.” Stacey says. “Because those beliefs change who they are, it changes their behavior. When a woman comes in, she comes in not trusting God, feeling like God has betrayed her, feeling like all the things she believed in suddenly weren’t true.”

Stacey, who has had trauma in her own life, knows how it feels.  “Because of what I had experienced, I felt that God had completely betrayed me in all of that. I think that you can’t really get to this place of true intimacy without this heartache that comes with it because it pushes us into this place of realizing that we have this great need for God that only He can fill. In a practical sense for me and the women that we serve, it’s to begin seeking God. ‘God, I don’t get this.’ Be honest. I don’t think God is afraid of our anger or afraid of our feelings. I feel like He understands all these things. He’s not put off by them. We can tell God how we feel and continue to seek Him.”