When His people pray for help, He listens and rescues them from their troubles. The Lord is there to rescue all who are discouraged and have given up hope. The Lord’s people may suffer a lot, but He will always bring them safely through. Psalms 34:17-19

I was arrested for assaulting my ex-boyfriend. We had been broken up for about three months, but the relationship was toxic and abusive.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and that a person will never be given more than they are capable of handling. I was humbled by my need to be accountable for the abusive behavior I had chosen before my arrest. I was used to advocating for the victims, not getting care for being the abuser. It was very surreal to say the least.

My facilitator was a straight forward, kind, caring and most importantly, a non-judgmental guide. I had broken inside and those cracks had finally reached the surface. I realized I was in a room of women, who like myself had not only been perpetrators of violence, but were also survivors. I was able to listen to these women and relate, not judge or feel superior due to my education and ego. I was figuratively on my knees and for the first time in a long time. I was ready to listen.

ARMS not only addressed the fact that my chosen actions were harmful to others, but also to myself. They also taught me how to break the cycle of abuse by making different choices. There were lessons in how to be abuse free and there were lessons in how to set boundaries in order to stay safe.

Addressing both my use of abuse and my victimization made healing and growing more successful because no one was labeled as bad or criminal.

I personally have never experienced such success with a county based program. I will carry these lessons through the relationships I hold currently and those I create in my future.

Thank you!