“I always thought the abuse was my fault. After attending the Her Journey class I now realize it’s never my fault if some one chooses to act abusively. I deserve to be respected.”

“One of the biggest things I’ve gained from ManKind is to understand that my wife is not my enemy but my ally.”

We all have those moments in our lives that are pivotal. These are situations where there is a shift in our thinking and it changes the course of our life. Some of these moments might have been negative, things we had no control over, leaving massive scars and imprisoning us, or at least we felt that way.

The best and most exciting pivotal moments are ones that bring positive change and clarity to our lives; something spoken in just the right way, at just the right time. This might be called an epiphany: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding.

At ARMS we have eighty leaders who facilitate Her Journey ,ManKind and Virtue. They have the opportunity to witness a sudden leap of understanding in the lives of the men and women we serve.

There’s an almost immediate leap in understanding when people enter our programs. Helping people to see domestic abuse as more than physical is very important. While domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women in the US, most abuse isn’t physical.

Domestic abuse is a pattern of behavior someone uses to gain power and control over another person. It’s not just about hitting. Abuse is any misuse of any thing to control or intimidate someone in their lives. Abusive power and control can be done verbally, psychologically, financially, sexually, spiritually, and through the misuse of property and pets. This small piece of knowledge and awareness to our clients invaluable.

Knowledge is good but it doesn’t necessarily heal the wounds left from abuse or change someone’s heart so that they stop their abusive behavior. God is the only one who can restore our soul and change hearts!

ARMS has been obedient to God’s call for the last twelve and a half years. Because of this we have served thousands of men, women and youth. God requires that we be doers of His Word. The reason we have been able to minister God’s healing and truth is because a lot of people have put their faith into action by supporting ARMS.

How are you working out your faith? Do more than sympathize. Be a doer! There are a lot of different ways you can. We need volunteers, prayers, leaders, servers, networkers and givers! It cost $75 to put one woman through our free fifteen week Her Journey recovery class. How many women can you help? Your one time gift or monthly pledge can make the difference between life and death for some of our clients.

Don’t just think about helping victims of abuse, do something that helps others experience pivotal life changing moments in their lives!